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Last Updated: 10/21/2011  

Appalachian Tight Gas Sand Reservoirs

  • Access well data, logs, and interactive mapping for the Berea/Murrysville, Venango, Bradford, Elk, Medina/"Clinton" and Tuscarora Plays for West Virginia and Pennsylvania. (This was debuted as an exhibit at the 2008 ES-AAPG/SPE Meeting in Pittsburgh.)

    Further information:

    Project Website and Interactive Map
    DOE - NETL Project Synopsis

Information on Devonian Shales in the Appalachian Region

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AONGRC research is dedicated to the immediate and long range needs of the petroleum industry in the Appalachian region. The consortium includes the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, the Kentucky Geological Survey, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographical and Geological Survey, and the Ohio Geological Survey.

AONGRC programs enhance oil & gas production from marginal fields, develop new sources of shallow gas, develop deeper sources of natural gas, and map & expand our energy infrastructure.